An experimental film that uses dance, a tea ceremony, and experimental photography. All of these elements are cut together and combined to make layered visuals. The title Renaissance comes from, the Renaissance period. The film is a rebirth of an art form, be it dance, film, or music.

Renaissance from latif ullah on Vimeo.


Renaissance has been featured on the Sundance Ignite Page (click the pic for the link!)

Official Selection LIFF – PUFF



Jo-anne, Daniella, Tashna, JUlianna
Jo-anne, Daniella, Tashna, Julianna

On the technical side, Renaissance was made on a budget of $300, and shot in a twelve hour day.  There was only a month to prepare the concept and look of the film. Along with the standard pre-production period, I dedicated a week to choreograph and block the dance sequence.

For more details on the technical side of the film and the actual production, check out the making of post about Renaissance. I will go into specific departments including, cinematography, editing, choreography, music, sound design, and color grading.

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